Homer Caliwag Photography | Photo of the Month July 2018

Double-crested Cormorant July 2018Red-necked Grebe and Chick June 2018Red-necked Grebe May 2018Hairy Woodpecker April 2018Tree Shadows March 2018Bufflehead Duck February 2018Northern Pintail Duck January 2018Northern Cardinal December 2017Wood Duck June 2017Autumn Leaves "Maple Trees" November 2017Autumn Leaves "Staghorn Sumac" October 2017Great Egret September 2017Lesser Yellowlegs Sandpiper  August 2017Lilies July 2017Double-crested Cormorant May 2017Long-tailed Ducks March 2017Long-tailed Duck February 2017Red-breasted Merganser Duck January 2017Hybrid Mallard Duck December 2016Northern Shoveler Duck November 2016